The Law of Attraction – Manifest Your Wildest Dreams Using the Law of Attraction

You can have it all. Anything your mind can conceive – money, health, love and happiness. Which of these do you desire most? This will be your biggest problem. Which of these dreams do you want to manifest first. Because you can have them all using the law of attraction in the proper way. That is the key – knowing how to use this universal law properly to achieve any or all of your desires.

The law of attraction will work in your life just as it has for me and countless others, but you can’t be greedy. Saying I want it all now is not a positive action, it is a negative self defeating action.

In order to realize the ultimate success using the law of attraction, take one goal at a time and concentrate fully on that one goal. By wanting too much, too soon, you are scattering your positive action and will accomplish little if anything.

Not being greedy also means that when you have achieved a goal, be grateful and don’t immediately ask for more. Take a break to enjoy what you have achieved.

Taking time before you move on to your next most important goal will do two things. First it will allow you to be grateful and enjoy the fruits of your labor and it will also allow you to clear your mind. By getting the goal that you have just achieved off your mind, you are now able to put your entire power of concentration upon your new goal. By taking your goals one at a time you will be much more successful and speed up the time that each is achieved.

Redundancy Law – Making it Easier on Employers & Employees

Being made redundant and making someone redundant can be difficult, particularly when you don’t know what your rights are when it comes to redundancy law. Searching on the internet is one common way that both employers and employees find information about redundancy but often the wording is such that unless they have a degree in law they probably won’t understand the full meaning. Finding an employment law company who has legal advisors specialising in redundancy law is a great start to getting your questions answered and finding out your legal rights.

If you are an employer you will know that a company restructure, downsize or reorganisation are all part of business life and more often than not result in you having to make staff redundant. You will also know that restructuring needs to be used with care so as to avoid any unintended consequences that could ultimately damage your business. Some employers think that they can make their staff redundant simply because of their lack of performance or they just don’t get on with them: This is not the case: If they are caught doing this then it can be very expensive. There are important steps to be taken when considering a restructure and talking with a specialist in the field of redundancy law will help you with these steps.

If you are an employee you may feel that being made redundant is a personal decision by your employer, as you’ve heard rumours that they are creating a new position which appears very similar to yours. Under New Zealand law you are entitled to be consulted prior to any decision being made and to be given all relevant information. Along with this you are also entitled to representation.

It’s important to remember that redundancy can come about for many reasons including the addition of new technologies, business outsourcing, market downturn or change of business ownership, but regardless of the reason redundancy laws still apply.

So to find a specialist, conduct a search for keywords such as ‘restructuring and redundancy law’ in one of the Search Engines and look for a company that provides such services in your area of New Zealand. Also, take a look at their site to see if they provide information on what they need from you to assist you with your case. Make sure that they clearly state what they can assist you with, so that you are sure you are going to receive the help and information you require.

Finding a redundancy law specialist will not only provide you with the help you need but it will help to avoid any unnecessary arguments and mitigate the stress.

 Associates Ltd is one of Canterburys leading employment law advocacy firms. Since 1992 we have been providing advice and representation to employees and employers on employment agreements, employment problems (such as personal grievances, disputes, harassment, redundancy law, unfair dismissals & workplace bullying) and the laws governing them.

We focus on employers who have small to medium size businesses and employees working in the public and private sectors. We recognize that employers are faced with the demands of running their business and surviving in a competitive market and often have very little time and energy to deal with employment relationship problems. We also recognise that when employment relationships are dislocated, employees find it difficult to find solutions without sound tactical advice.

Study Shows Traffic Fatalities Drop in States With Legal Medical Cards

A new study was published recently showing that states with legalized medical marijuana actually have fewer fatal auto accidents. It appears that this may be because marijuana users often substitute the drug in lieu of drinking alcohol.

At this point in time 16 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana for various debilitating conditions. In the study the years 1992-2009 government data were used looking at traffic deaths in the 13 states that have passed medical marijuana and put in place legalization laws during those years. The data was obtained from the national household survey on drug use along with the national Highway traffic safety administration.

Interestingly, when looking at traffic deaths over that time, in the states who have medical marijuana legalized versus those that didn’t, the study found that fatalities in car wrecks dropped by 9% in those states with legal marijuana for medicinal use. In looking further at the data the decrease was attributed largely to a reduction in drunk driving. In those states that have legalized medical marijuana rate of fatalities from car crashes due to our call dropped by 12% in crashes with high levels of alcohol drinking dropped by 14%.

The authors of the study noted that the overall reduction in traffic fatalities was similar to that seen when the minimum drinking age in the US was raised to 21. Traffic fatalities are the leading cause of death among Americans between the ages of 5 and 34. So this data is especially intriguing in light of that as a significant amount of medical marijuana users are in the upper echelon of that age range.

In line with other studies the researchers also found that there was no increase in marijuana consumption by teenagers in states that legalized marijuana for medical use. One of the important things to come out of study is it shows that driving under the influence of marijuana is much safer than driving inebriated on alcohol. It is unclear if driving while stoned leads to impairment, however, driving under the influence of alcohol has definitely been shown to significantly deteriorate driving skills.

Being under the influence of alcohol at times increases recklessness and creates a false sense of confidence. When people are stoned they often realize it and don’t have these issues. More marijuana smokers are likely to do so at home or in a private setting rather than out at a public event.