Aussie parents who owe child support are being banned from travelling

There are a variety of ways to have a family. It is not necessary for parents to be in a proper relationship, besides of having a strong co-parenting partnership. Yet, we realize that this is not usually the ideal situation, and a lot of single mothers and fathers take up job of both the guardians to bring up their children. Single parenthood is extremely hard, yet it tends to be so much harder when there is no support for the parents. Mental, emotional, and obviously, money related help are unbelievably significant with regards to bringing up children. Children are expensive and not many parents can swing the money related obligations all alone without confronting some serious struggles.

Australian Child Support

Australian child support, like any other child support in the world is a legal method that requires both the guardians to contribute their fair share which is then further used in bringing up their children. Many of parents pay their court-ordered child support very cheerfully and promptly. On the other hand, it is very sad to see that a large number of parents try to run away from their financial responsibilities towards their kids that they themselves created. Not paying child support can have some very serious consequences even though it is not very easy to enforce.

An ingenious solution

The problem of not paying child support has been prevalent for quite a long time now. Child support Melbourne has come up with a rather ingenious way that will compel the indifferent parents to fulfill their financial responsibilities towards their kids. Australia has ordered a travel ban on people who do not pay child support of their children.

Ever since the implementation of the ban, about 1067 people are banned from making an international trip as they do not pay their child support payments. This has resulted in collecting as much as $15 million from parents who were behind on their payments. What is even more surprising is that this huge sum of money was collected in a period of just six months.

The rationale behind the ban

The rationale of Australian government behind this ban is very simple and easy to comprehend. They believe that parents who can afford an international holiday can pretty much afford to pay money to support their own children through child support. A lot of money has been collected ever since the ban as many parents have been told that they cannot leave or return to Australia without clearing their payments.

One parent who had intended to travel abroad had to first pay $185,000 before he was allowed to travel. If a parent lacks behind in payment of child support by about $5000 or more, it can result in their passports either being revoked or in other circumstances passport being unable to be issued or renewed. It has been seen that the strategy is working successfully as parents making the payments to fulfill their financial obligations towards their children.

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