What to Consider When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Did you know that about 4.4 million people in the U.S. sustained serious injuries in car crashes in 2019? All these victims required medical attention. A further 38,000 road users lost their lives from car accidents. 

From the statistics, it’s evident that car accidents are common. You can be a victim regardless of your driving experience and adherence to traffic rules. If you got into a car crash in Chicago, you’d need an attorney to help you in the claim process.

Here are the factors you need to consider when looking for a car accident lawyer in Chicago. 


When hiring a car accident attorney in Chicago, experience ought to be a priority. You need to vet your identified lawyers critically to ensure that they have enough experience in accident law. Be specific as a lawyer experienced in any other field might not know how to handle your case in the best way.

An attorney with years of experience understands the ins and out of your kind of case and the applicable law. They are also familiar with negotiating out claims and pushing for a reasonable settlement. An experienced car accident lawyer is also familiar with the court processes, which is a plus when dealing with a lawsuit.

It would help to check a lawyer’s portfolio before further engagement. Do they have a track record of winning cases? You can’t trust an attorney with your case if the past cases have been unsuccessful!

Good Communication 

Your car accident lawyer in Chicago should be able to communicate effectively. A lawyer ought to have outstanding communication skills to be confident that they will represent you in the best way. With a car accident case, you’ll need prompt updates now and then. 

It would be frustrating to have a lawyer who doesn’t tell you how the case is proceeding. Yes, lawyers are some of the busiest professionals, but that isn’t an excuse for poor communication. Your lawyer should be picking, returning, or responding to your messages within a reasonable time.

If you’re looking for a car accident attorney in Chicago, don’t compromise on communication. The right professional knows the importance of keeping clients updated. 

Consider the Fees

When you get into a car accident, chances are that you’ll incur medical costs and many other expenses that you hadn’t anticipated. In some cases, victims suffer the loss of income, especially if the injuries are severe. If you’re in such a situation, getting an affordable lawyer ought to be a priority. 

When you file for a lawsuit, it might take a while before you get compensated. Often, car accident lawyers use a contingency basis to charge for their services. As such, you won’t pay any fee unless a lawyer recovers the money. 

It is crucial to know the percentage a lawyer takes. You don’t want surprises once the case is settled! Be sure to get all the payment details and calculations before signing an agreement with any Chicago car accident lawyer. 

Work With Reviews and Referrals

In a recent study, about 95% of consumers reported that reviews help determine the attorney to choose. Past customers leave online reviews to show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a service provider. When looking for a car accident lawyer in Chicago online, you’ll get several options and their reviews and ratings. 

Pick car accident attorneys with positive reviews and vet each of them individually. You can schedule a meeting with about two or three to establish if they have what it takes to help you win the case. 

Referrals are also a great place to start if you’re unsure how to hire a car accident lawyer. Your family or friends can provide you with recommendations to help in choosing the right car accident attorney. With the high prevalence of car accidents, you’ll most likely get someone within your network who can refer you to a reliable attorney that assisted them with their car accident case.

Consider a Personality You’re Comfortable With

The idea of personality when looking for a car accident lawyer might sound trivial. Yet, it’s quite crucial considering how long the legal case can take. Are you comfortable meeting often with someone who makes you shudder?

It is essential to get an attorney who has a likable personality. Get someone that you’ll get along with throughout the period. If there’s tension between the two of you, consider an alternative.

You can have a checklist of characters to consider in a lawyer. Your chosen attorney should give you personalized attention until the completion of the case. Don’t settle for less!

Pick an Attorney Who Isn’t Intimidated by Insurance Companies 

Insurance companies are amongst the leading players in a car accident case. They are in business, and paying for compensation isn’t often their favorite activity. Insurance firms utilize all possible tactics to lower the settlement, and you might fall into the trap, especially if you are not well represented.

Some insurance companies will offer you a low settlement in haste. An experienced lawyer can identify these lowballs offers. Your attorney will then advise you on the right steps to take. 

If you don’t have a keen lawyer, you might accept a compensation package that’s lower than what you deserve. 

Your lawyer should have a reputation for pushing insurance firms for rightful compensation. Don’t get a car accident lawyer who will be intimidated by the insurer. You can ask them how they have been handling difficult insurance companies to know if they have the right negotiation skills.

Getting the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago Will Help in Winning Your Case

The kind of car accident lawyer you choose will determine the success of your case. You need to have some factors to consider when hiring a car accident lawyer in Chicago. From experience to personality, you can’t risk choosing wrong.

It might take time to get the right fit, but it will be worth it. Start by researching car accident lawyers and filter down your options as you vet the identified professionals.

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