How To Have A Happy Marriage

A happy marriage does not depend on having the right partner only. The definition of a happy marriage varies from one couple to another. To focus on what is essential, we must first remove the non-essentials. Here are some of what people consider to be the ingredients of a  happy marriage.


Respect means you accept your partner for who and what he or she is. This is one of the most fundamental elements of a happy marriage. It means you acknowledge the fact that you have different opinions and preferences.


You cannot decide on marriage because of fleeting emotions. There should be a commitment not only when everything is going well. You should devote yourself to your partner even through the ups and downs. Acting with integrity, respect and care is what commitment is all about.


Do not limit this to sexual relationships. Being faithful to your partner does not only include your body. Your eyes, mind, heart, and soul, your everything must be for your partner and your partner alone. Being faithful means never doing what your partner considers an act of disloyalty. Faithfulness requires self-discipline. It is also an awareness of what might happen. Avoid temptations of doing anything that will compromise your faithfulness. This is very important to ensure the stability and happiness of the marriage.


Quality time is very important to have a happy marriage. It is always said that quality is better than quantity.  Spend time together to make you feel closer to each other. It will also strengthen your connection. You should dedicate time to your partner. Ensure that you have time to talk about anything and everything. Make way so that you will have time to date once in a while. And of course, have time for physical interaction. Making time for your partner will help you avoid conflicts. It will make your partner feel better.


Admitting your imperfections is essential to a happy marriage. Humility means accepting that you are not always right. It is your willingness to put others ahead of yourself. Being able to swallow your pride and lessen your ego will make your partner feel more loved. But it does not end in admittance. You must also be ready to apologize for your mistake. Strive not to commit the same mistake.


Patience and forgiveness will always be part of a happy marriage. Patience and humility come hand in hand. You must learn to show endless patience to your partner. Do not mention past mistakes and hold a grudge. Forgiving your partner for his mistake or wrong deed will set your heart free. It will also strengthen your relationship.

Trust and honesty

You cannot expect to have a happy marriage without trust and honesty. Trust takes time but it is one of the foundations of a happy marriage. This means trusting not only your partner but yourself as well. Your marriage will be unstable if you do not trust each other. Honesty is being open to your partner about everything. It grows the relationship. When you know you can trust your partner then your worries diminish.


A happy marriage without proper communication is not possible at all. Do not overlook discussing daily stuff such as groceries, traffic or weather. Relationships tend to last longer when partners communicate about their dreams and fears. Communication is an essential key to a happy marriage.


Unhappy marriages are often caused by selfishness. Both partners should commit to being selfless in a relationship. It results in a loving and supportive marriage. Putting your relationship or your partner above your own is what being selfless is about. Being selfless means you do what is best for the one you love and not only what you want to do.

Marriage is a long-term commitment. A happy marriage needs participation from both spouses. Not all marriages end well though. If you are no longer happy about your marriage, you may contact Houston divorce lawyer.

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