Intellectual Property Solutions for the Entrepreneur

In the event you have a brilliant business idea, and wish to protect a product or service from being copied, you would seek out a lawyer with some experience with intellectual property law. There are many Surrey solicitors who have intellectual property experience and can help you to protect your idea from the very outset.

Infringing on Others’ Intellectual Property Rights

This is an area that every business must take care, with issues such as:

  • Using Pirated Software.
  • Publishing content that is copyright protected.
  • Product similarity.

If you are looking for a specific image for your website, you can’t do an image search online and copy a suitable photograph you find, as this would almost certainly infringe on the creator’s copyright. You would have to acquire an image from an online content provider, which would allow you to use the image for commercial purposes.

Legal Assistance

Whether you wish to protect your intellectual content, or have infringed on another person’s copyright, seeking legal counsel is strongly advised. An online search will give you the contact details of a local law firm that specialises in intellectual property matters, and with their wealth of hands-on experience, you can take the best path forward.

Technical Creations

It might be an app, or a program that performs a critical task, and if you are the creator, then you need to find out exactly where you stand legally. It might be, for example, that the product or service cannot be copyrighted, and the fine line between what is and what is not intellectual property requires a legal expert on the topic.








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