Road Rash: The Best Advice From a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

In the United States in 2018, there were close to 5,000 motorcycle accidents

While that’s a 5% decrease from 2017, you may still find yourself in a motorcycle accident one day. 

But what happens if you are in a crash? What do you do? When do you hire a motorcycle crash lawyer?

We’ll break down every step you should take, so make sure you keep reading!

Stay Calm

After an accident, you can be shaken up and even injured. Even if the injuries are only minor, you’re likely still in shock. Your safety should be the first thing that you’re concerned about, so make sure that you check yourself for any major injuries.

Even if you don’t feel any pain, you still should. Sometimes the adrenaline from the accident will cause you to not feel any pain at first. 

After you’ve checked yourself, check the other drivers and any pedestrians for injury. If they’re injured, make sure that you call 911. Even if there are no injuries, you should still call 911 to have officials document the accident. 

You’ll likely have all kinds of emotions after the accident, but make sure you stay calm and try to control them. You don’t want to accuse anyone and argue with them because this could hurt your case later on.

Ask for Contact Information

If no one is injured, make sure that you get everyone’s contact information. Law enforcement should take it down, but eyewitnesses might leave before they get there. 

So if you’re okay, ask for eyewitnesses to write down their name, address, and the best contact information for them. This can be the driver, passenger, or anyone else who stopped at the scene or saw it. 

When you talk to the drivers who were also involved in the accident, you should make sure that you ask them for their car insurance information. You should also write down the license plates when you can. 

Sometimes people will try to flee the accident, but if you have their information, you can then report it to the authorities. 

While you’re talking to people, make sure that you never admit that the accident was your fault, even if it actually was. This can hurt you later on if you need to take it to court. 

Take Photos

After you’ve gathered all your information, try and take photos of everything. Having photographic evidence is great because it can be proof to back up your story.

The pictures can also help to give information to the insurance claims or a judge to help them figure out who was at fault for the accident. Again, police will probably take pictures when they arrive as well, but it never hurts to have your own.

You should take photos of your motorcycle and the damages. You should also take pictures of the damages to the other car. Every accident is different, but you should also try and get photos of the weather, road conditions, and any injuries that are visible. 

Get Medical Attention

Regardless of if your injury is serious or not, you should still seek medical attention.

It’s best to get everything checked out by a professional because you could have injuries that you don’t even realize. Sometimes even more serious injuries don’t appear until months or weeks later on. 

If you aren’t taken away in an ambulance, you should try and find make an appointment at your doctor as soon after the accident as possible. If you do have any injuries, it always helps your case to have a medical professional officially document them and back up your claims. 

Speak With a Lawyer

Once you’ve done all those steps, you should find a motorcycle accident lawyer next. The sooner you can find one will help you out more. 

Even if your accident won’t have to go to a trial, they can still help you out when trying to get your insurance settlement. Normally insurance companies will offer you the lowest amount possible. However, a motorcycle injury lawyer will make sure that you get the most money possible.

In some cases, your lawyer will speak with the insurance company on your behalf. If they don’t talk to the insurance companies themselves, they will be able to give you information and advice on what to say or not say when you talk to them yourself. 

File an Insurance Claim

After you’ve hired a lawyer, now you’ll need to file your insurance claim. 

You should have motorcycle insurance, and they’ll also require you to report any accidents even if they weren’t your fault. You should check your specific policy to see what the steps to do are. 

You can always call your insurance company to submit a claim, but you should be careful when you’re talking to them. Don’t offer any extra information if they don’t ask for it. They’ll try and find any way to say it was your fault and not give you a higher settlement. 

Learn More About Hiring a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

These are only a few things to know about hiring a motorcycle crash lawyer, but a lawyer will help guide you through the last few steps. 

We know that getting into an accident can be stressful and overwhelming, and dealing with all the technicalities can be the last thing you want to learn about. 

Thankfully, we’re here to help you out! If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you explore our website to find more articles just like this one!

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