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The Importance of Patenting your Product

The rise of technology has come with many innovations. Along with these innovative products have come an increase in the number of entrepreneurs with great ideas for inventions. Not every entrepreneur moves from having an idea for a business to developing a business plan and furthermore starting a business. However, some are determined and put in the hard work needed to start up a business. You can start your search online for some of the  best patent attorneys possible. This is because your business idea is your intellectual property

To properly set up a business it should be introduced to the public. This can happen through registration of the business, advertising, and presentations to possible investors. In the process of publicizing your business idea, someone else with more funding than you could decide to usurp your idea as his or hers. A patent will protect you from this possibility because the law of the nation will stand behind your idea and protect your hard work from being stolen by someone else. Another danger of not having a patent is that larger companies with similar business ideas may try to shut down your budding business so that they do not lose money or a privileged place in the market of their product. Patent laws are national and only apply to the nation in which the patent is held. A patent means that if someone wants to use your idea or improve on it, they need permission from you.

To patent an intellectual idea, you need proof that is your unique work and that there is no concept existing that is exactly like it. There may be general similarities, but you need to have several factors that make your product different from anything on the market. For example, there are several search engines, google, yahoo, and Bing are popular examples. However, each search engine has a different web set up and different algorithms used to arrive at the final product. If you consider your idea uncommon, then you need to document that idea and present it to a lawyer. It is necessary to get legal help because of the wealth of experience and training attached to the office of a patent lawyer. In addition, any challenge of your product would be based on a lawsuit. If you have no legal understanding of the patent process, you may be at a disadvantage if someone brings a lawsuit against your business because of your product.

There are several advantages to having a patent. According to a Forbes leadership publication, a 2008 study by Berkeley showed that 80% of venture capital investors receiving funding had secured patents. If an inventor later decides to sell his or her company or license its idea this would be a profitable venture only if the idea had been patented. If the inventor missed the patent stage, there is nothing stopping the company lobbying for the idea from creating a similar one itself.

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