The Law of Attraction – Manifest Your Wildest Dreams Using the Law of Attraction

You can have it all. Anything your mind can conceive – money, health, love and happiness. Which of these do you desire most? This will be your biggest problem. Which of these dreams do you want to manifest first. Because you can have them all using the law of attraction in the proper way. That is the key – knowing how to use this universal law properly to achieve any or all of your desires.

The law of attraction will work in your life just as it has for me and countless others, but you can’t be greedy. Saying I want it all now is not a positive action, it is a negative self defeating action.

In order to realize the ultimate success using the law of attraction, take one goal at a time and concentrate fully on that one goal. By wanting too much, too soon, you are scattering your positive action and will accomplish little if anything.

Not being greedy also means that when you have achieved a goal, be grateful and don’t immediately ask for more. Take a break to enjoy what you have achieved.

Taking time before you move on to your next most important goal will do two things. First it will allow you to be grateful and enjoy the fruits of your labor and it will also allow you to clear your mind. By getting the goal that you have just achieved off your mind, you are now able to put your entire power of concentration upon your new goal. By taking your goals one at a time you will be much more successful and speed up the time that each is achieved.

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