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What are the Key Things to do when hit by an Uninsured Motorcyclist?

You never know the time and place where you will meet with an accident and suffer from severe injuries. Every year, on average, 85,000 individuals become victims of a motorcycle accident in the United States. In comparison to car drivers and passengers, motorcyclists and pillion riders are more prone to the hazards of road and weather conditions.

If you or any near and dear one become a victim of a motorcycle accident because of the fault of the motorcycle rider, filing a personal injury claim is imperative. Besides taking immediate medical aid or undergoing necessary treatment, you should file an injury lawsuit to prove the bike rider’s liability and obtain the rightful compensation.

Getting in touch with a reputed Seattle law firm such as Khan Law Firm that boasts experienced and highly qualified injury lawyers is vital. A specialized injury lawyer can come to your major rescue in alleviating your worries. They possess years of experience filing injury claims in the right way, gather substantial evidence to prove the fault of the responsible motorcycle rider, and drive claim approval.

Read on to know the main things you need to do if you are hit and injured by an uninsured motorcyclist.

Check to Ensure PIP Benefits

You will be able to reap personal injury benefits not only when a motorcyclist hits you because of his or her fault but also when you are responsible for the accident. PIP insurance comes to a motorcycle accident victim’s rescue significantly and prevents that individual from experiencing financial loss. You should check whether or not you can get PIP benefits that include medical and hospital bill payment, lost wages, and lost services.

Seek Uninsured Motorist (UM) Insurance

You are allowed to seek and obtain Uninsured Motorist (UM) insurance if you suffer from injuries due to a motorcycle collision ridden by an uninsured motorcyclist. Insurers are bound to offer Uninsured Motorist coverage if you become a victim of this type of accident. Make sure one thing before you apply for Uninsured Motorist (UM) Insurance that you are not at all responsible for the motorcycle accident. The UM insurance covers lost wages and medical expenses.

Resort to Health Insurance to Pay for Hospital Bills

Suppose you have health insurance through your job or have already made an investment in a health insurance policy. In that case, you should use it to pay for medical treatments you undergo, medications, and hospital bills. Health insurance helps alleviate financial stress when you are trying to cope with a devastating motorcycle accident.

Other than doing all the key things mentioned above, you should also contact an experienced injury lawyer to sue the motorcyclist. When you are dealing with severe physical and mental conditions, keeping your faith in a competent injury lawyer is vital.

Having a professional lawyer specialized in motorcycle accident laws can help drive the verdict in your favor and compel the at-fault motorcyclist to pay the rightful compensation.

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