Physical Assault Cases

All That You Must Know About Physical Assault Cases

A less talked about aspect of personal injury is physical assault with deadly weapons. Physical assault with a deadly weapon means when an attacker tries to inflict severe injuries to another person with the use of some dangerous object. Irrespective of whether there has been injury or not, the state considers such an attack a felony. So the victim has the full right to take legal action against the assaulter.

Understanding Deadly Weapons

Numerous assault with deadly weapon cases go unreported simply because people have a wrong or limited notion about what deadly weapons are. You may think that knives and guns are perhaps the only objects that qualify as a weapon. But it is not so. As per law, deadly weapons have a much broader meaning and context.

Any object that can cause severe or mortal injuries all comes under the purview of deadly weapons. Even if a sharp pocket knife of relatively small size has the potential to kill people, the court will consider it as a deadly weapon.

Common Deadly Weapons

 Sticks, stones, bats, clubs, and the like, which were intended for some other purpose, can also be modified into a deadly weapon. In short, it depends on how an assaulter uses the object to cause harm that holds value in such cases.

It is important to note that even body parts such as arms and legs (for strangulation) or teeth (people who are aware of having HIV) may be used as deadly weapons. So, if the intent behind the attack was to cause you grievous injuries, you can file a lawsuit for assault with deadly weapons.

Opt For A Lawyer

If you or any of your loved ones have faced such an assault, it is essential to file a case immediately. Many people shy away from filing cases simply because they have had a narrow escape. They think that since there are no injuries, their case will not be heard.

But it is not so. Even if you have not sustained injuries, you still have the right to be readdressed. Lawyers are especially helpful in such situations. Not just that, a qualified lawyer who has handled similar cases before can help you in several other ways too. Take a look at some of the essential aspects:

Proper Investigation

An experienced lawyer will immediately start investigating the situation from all possible angles. They will consult with additional witnesses and try and gather as much information as possible about the case.

Strong Evidence

Since lawyers investigate the case thoroughly, they often get hold of additional evidence apart from the already existing ones. They can use these pieces of evidence along with statements from the witnesses to strengthen your case further.

Apart from that, lawyers can also prepare you for the way in which you must speak in court. They can prepare strong arguments in your favor that have its effect on the discretion of the judges. For these and other additional reasons, it is always wiser to have a qualified lawyer by your side.

With this informative piece, hopefully, you have a clearer idea about an assault with deadly weapons.

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