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Shortlisting & choosing a criminal defense attorney in Syracuse

When you are charged with a criminal offense or felony, you may realize that your entire life is falling apart. Regardless of whether you are guilty or not, you need to seek legal assistance, so that you can get justice. Finding the right Syracuse criminal defense attorney can seem overwhelming, but we have a guide that will make things easy. 

  1. Ask around. You have to consider asking around to find the best-rated criminal defense attorneys in town. Make sure that you talk to friends, family members and colleagues, and if you don’t have that option, just check online. 
  2. Response time matters. When facing a criminal charge, time is everything. You need an attorney who is responsive and can take your matters on priority. When you call a law firm, check if they are available for an immediate meeting. 
  3. Specialization in criminal law. Although a lawyer may choose to practice in any field of law, they should be specialized in criminal law and must have handled cases with a similar profile as yours. 
  4. Fees. This is among the key aspects to discuss when meeting a criminal lawyer. Make sure that you are capable of paying their fees at the least, and how they expect to be paid in the first place. 
  5. Suggestions. A good attorney also will give you a fair idea of what to expect from the case, and they will initiate their own part of the investigation, where they will gather evidence and information to prove your innocence. 

Meeting the criminal defense attorney

When you finally get an appointment with a criminal defense attorney, make sure that write down a list of questions, which are important for your case. Also, ensure that you have all the documents that they need to understand the case, no matter whether the evidence is in your favor or not. With a criminal defense attorney, you have to be as fair, transparent, and honest as possible, because only then you can expect them to work in your favor. In case you are at fault or are responsible for the crime you have been charged with, your attorney’s first job is to get the best possible outcome as possible, in your favor, for which they may choose to have a different approach to the case. 

Check online now to find more on criminal defense attorneys in NY and insist on meeting them in person. 

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