Seniors Rejoice At New Anti Agism Law – Employers Beware Of Age Discrimination At Work

Good news for all those senior baby boomers out there or anyone else of seniority living in the UK. You may or may not be aware, but on Sunday 1st October 2006 an important change in UK employment law come into effect. The new legislation will offer hope to anybody who has felt they’ve been discriminated against in belief that they are too old to continue working. It is hoped that this new law will promote ageism to be as serious and as unacceptable as racism or sexism.

So what does this all mean? Well, one of the biggest changes to be implemented is employers will no longer be able to force compulsory retirement before an employee reaches 65. Before October 1st it was quite common for employers to set there basic retirement age at 60, but not anymore… However, it’s unclear as yet whether the compulsory retirement age of 65 will remain or perhaps be scrapped altogether. Unfortunately, we won’t find this out until 2011 when a formal review will take place.

Due to the ever lightly pension crisis facing many people living in the UK, the ability to work until 65 now offers some rest bite at least. That’s not to say working that long is a good thing, as given the choice I’m sure most people would like to take earlier retirement, but at least seniors can no longer be discriminated against for working longer if they so choose.

While it’s commonly thought the new ageism legislation will make a difference, it’s a shame more wasn’t done by removing the compulsory retirement age of 65 altogether.

Colorado Auto Insurance Laws and Car Insurance Requirements

Colorado auto insurance laws have been enforced over the years to ensure the safety of all road users in the state. State law stipulates that all drivers are required to have the minimum insurance on any vehicle they operate and provide proof of insurance at specific times. Failure to comply can result in a range of penalties including a fine, license suspension and community service.

Because of the utmost importance attached to road safety, Colorado auto insurance requirements necessitate proof of insurance before you can register your car. If you are unable to provide proof, not only will you be prevented from registering your car, you will also be subject to the same penalties that you would face for failure to provide proof at the site of an accident or during a routine traffic stop.

Colorado insurance laws require all drivers to carry the minimum coverage. In Colorado, this includes $25,000 for injury to one person, $50,000 for injury or death of more than one person and at least $15,000 property damage maximum for one accident. This is the minimum required but the state also recommends that drivers increase their liability coverage, including “med pay” coverage. This covers the medical expenses of anybody involved in an accident no matter who was deemed at fault.

Although “med pay” coverage is not required, insurance companies are required to offer drivers this option. Since Colorado changed its status from a “no fault” state in 2003, it is prudent to be covered for any eventuality. This is especially true in light of the fact that it can take a long time to establish blame in most accident cases. Often, litigation can take a number of years to conclude.

Colorado auto insurance requirements stipulate that all drivers must provide proof of insurance coverage at the time they register their car, whenever they are pulled over for a traffic stop or at the scene of any accident. Disclosing false information on an auto insurance form is against the law and can leave drivers open to perjury charges.

First time offenders who fail to produce proof of auto insurance will be fined $500 and have 4 points attached to their driving record. This in turn can cause their insurance premiums to rise. A second offense carries a $1,000 fine and a 4 month suspension of your driver’s license. A third or subsequent offense also results in a $1,000 fine along with an eight month suspension of your license and a compulsory period of 40 hours of community service.

Colorado auto insurance laws may seem harsh but this is a reflection of the extent to which the state is committed towards enforcing road safety. Having proper insurance coverage can help to mitigate expenses and to ensure that everyone involved in any accident receives proper care. This is in the best interest of all Colorado residents and explains why the laws are so comprehensive and rigorously enforced.

Road safety has a direct bearing on everyone, so make sure you adhere to the local laws when you take to the roads in Colorado. A valid insurance policy will give you peace of mind behind the wheel, knowing that no matter what happens you won’t be leaving anything to chance.

Economic Enslavement and Illegal Alien Labor at Car Washes

Are illegal aliens really the only people who are willing to work at a car wash? Are car wash owners really forced to hire them just to stay in business? Or are the car wash owners really just exploiting the labor to the highest possible degree? If so, why? Are they just greedy in not wishing to pay benefits, have health insurance or pay over time?

We know that Hispanic illegal aliens will not complain against OSHA violations, on the job minor injuries or minor violations from their employers. Isn’t that the real reason that most car wash owners cheat the system, lie about hiring illegal aliens and then use the rational that no one else wants the job?

From experience in the car wash industry for over 24 years I can tell you that our company never hired illegal aliens or violated immigration laws in hiring. We never exploited our labor or cheated the system? Why is it that citizens now are looking the other way at their local car washes? Won’t you join me in turning in all the companies who are exploiting the needy and hiring illegal aliens and then failing to pay their way?

Isn’t it time that we all stood up and did the right thing and turned in the cheaters, liars and scum who exploit illegal aliens? Isn’t it time that we recognized that “illegal” aliens are illegal and those who hire them are also breaking the law. Consider this in 2006.

Seven Employment Lessons to Be Learned From a Recent Supreme Court Ruling

It seems that labor and employment law cannot stay of the news headlines for very long. The US Supreme Court recently ruled in a nationwide discrimination class action lawsuit, one of the largest discrimination suits in history. The lawsuit represented over 1.5 million women who claimed that had been discriminated against. After working its way up through the judicial system, the Supreme Court eventually heard the case and turned down the lawsuit. They stated the class action lacked a cohesive claim to bind them together as a class action. This landmark decision addresses several important issues relating to all class action lawsuits, and provides important insights towards implementing human resources best-practices.

The case clearly impacts the way employers address human resources practices, and other HR policies and procedures. Even if a company has recently updated its employee manual and management practices, they should once again review these policies in light of the Supreme Court decision.

Below are seven important take-aways that employers should consider implementing to comply with EEOC anti-discrimination policies. Putting these actions into place will help to protect them against future class actions, as well as other discrimination related lawsuits.

  1. Carefully review pay and promotion policies to determine whether or not they could be misconstrued as favoring one class over another.
  2. Eliminate all subjective decision-making processes by clearly linking promotions, demotions, raises or bonuses to objective goals and job performance.
  3. Ensure that all managers who are tasked with performance appraisals are properly trained on the relevant labor laws, proper employment practices and appropriate decision making processes.
  4. For those employees who have been turned down the possibility of a promotion, or who were denied a raise, consider implementing an appeal process.
  5. Investigate, and implement, other corporate policies with the purpose of increasing diversity in the workplace, and preventing discriminatory practices.
  6. Continue to train and communicate corporate policies to the staff, particularly in the areas addressing anti-discrimination practices, career growth opportunities, and the ability to access further education.
  7. Take employee complaints seriously, document your response and follow up, and be sure to address each issue on its own individual merits.

As we have witnessed time and again, the playing field of labor and employment law continues to change and evolve. The rules are not static, and employers must make all efforts to remain abreast to these changes, and recognize how they impact their human resources practices in the workplace. When in doubt, prior to making any employment decision, it always recommended to consult with a human resources expert or labor attorney. The short-term cost will be well spent in protecting against long-term expenses.

Regulations for Interrupting the Flow of Traffic for Building Work

In any urban area, a major or minor construction site by the roadside can invariably lead to traffic congestion in that particular area. In transportation parlance, congestion usually refers to a condition where there are more vehicles at particular stretch of the road than is usually permitted or encountered.

Excessive vehicles choke the smooth flow of traffic, force drivers to idle unnecessarily, lead to erratic driving and often result in accidents. Therefore, construction sites usually have several mandatory signs that seek to provide a semblance of order to the surrounding chaos and regulate the traffic somewhat.

Importance of Proper Mandatory Signage

As it is our urban roads are crammed with vehicles at all hours with little respite in traffic load. On top of that, a construction site on an arterial route leaves little room for organised traffic movement and management.

Delays caused by construction zones are cited by travellers as one of the most prevalent and frustrating conditions they encounter while driving. This is because any construction activity by the roadside invariably reduces the width of available road, forces unexpected road diversions and even enforces temporary roadblocks.

Apart from the drivers, pedestrian and workers are also affected by the confusion that reigns in a construction site. In fact, statistics reveal that each year almost ninety three people are injured and about ten of them die due to accidents involving vehicular traffic around a construction site.

To tackle the situation, mandatory symbols are put up at strategic points around the site. Mandatory signage can make a significant difference to the way traffic moves around a construction site.

When the appropriate signs are placed at vantage positions, they provide clear guidance to motorists on the path to be taken so as to lessen congestion. They also separate the available lanes to check haphazard movement of vehicles, optimise the available road space and ensure safe movement of vehicles even at night.

Mandatory signage therefore imposes lane discipline and ensures safe movement of traffic around construction areas.

Ensure Vehicular Safety at Construction Sites

Any kind of interruption in the normal flow of traffic on a road adjacent to a construction area can be dangerous for everybody around.

To ensure safety, the law requires you to organise the work area in such a way that pedestrians, workers, drivers and vehicles can move around without coming in each others’ way. Standard mandatory signs that are understood by all must be installed at strategic points to help drivers select the most appropriate lane.

Suitable barricades must be erected to restrict unnecessary movement of general public which can further deteriorate the traffic condition. Such barricades must have devices to make them visible at night or during stormy weather.

Apart from the motors moving on the road, vehicles also include such heavy-duty trucks, excavators, site dumpers etc that move in and out of the site and cause more traffic congestion. As much as possible, restrict the movement of such additional heavy-duty vehicles to weekends or at night when the normal traffic is less.

Prepare a traffic management plan for the site that is in compliance with legal requirements of your local authorities. Obtain all necessary permission required for temporary closure or detour of roads or pavements.

Crystal Meth, Teenagers, Young Adults and Quality of Labor Issues in America

Having traveled to every city in this county over 10,000 population and having set up franchises in 23 states and having had to deal in each market with labor issues. Issues of all types; High Unemployment, Low unemployment, OSHA Issues, Insurance Issues, Health Insurance Issues, Substance Abuse Issues of the young adults ages 18-28 and some times up to 40 years of age; I have seen things and heard stories about the reality of the working force. I can therefore state my observations as real issues and not by academia white paper. These are real issues folks and issues we must address for the welfare and safety of our Nation, our future Health Care Costs, the sanctity of future generations and the work ethic necessary for this country to continue to new heights.

Help Want Ads in News Papers across the country yield few quality applicants. In many towns there are small businesses, which cannot get the labor they need. They need people and have work. But unfortunately through no part of their own, the labor supply is very under whelming, from work ethic to issues associated with lower and lower middle class drugs. In the $5.75 to $12.00 range it is nearly impossible to get good labor willing to work. And those middle and upper middle spoiled kids who do not feel it is their duty to put in and give a fair days work for a fair days pay are the norm in that range of demographic although there are some diligent parents out there who have raised their kids correctly and those kids do show up on time, work hard and make us all very proud. The poor Small Business owner in this country spends countless hours training people only to have them quit due to a perception of a buyers market when it comes to labor and they demand respect without fulfilling the promises of the hand shake associated with employment.

Starbucks has a pretty low turnover considering, but it is still 50% per year. Most QSRs are hovering well over 85%-90%. Many small business owners fear retribution for firing anyone and puts up with abuses by head strong young adult labor who obviously do not care, barely put forth efforts and expect to be paid whether or not they show up on time or even put in the basic productivity to complete the assignment for which that small business derives money. Why? Perhaps I might give you some insight. They do not care. Why? Their answer, why should I, the business owner is making all the money and the fat cat. Business owners are all bad. Says who? Well the mass media, Elliot Spitzer and now the whole society believes it?

Many of the young teen employees, which earn minimum wage up to $12.00 hr seem expect and want free everything, benefits and care little about the actual business models productivity or customer service? Little sense of responsibility or real work ethic. Part of the problem is that many of these people are routinely doing recreational drugs. I would say in that wage price category 28% to 33% do recreational drugs and/or are regular drug users and whether or not the others end up eventually doing drugs, the drug user workers available for hire do and they lower the bar of acceptability to all businesses. It is for this reason that many good workers who would produce the productivity do not because it is not expected or required. Those therefore who put forth minimal effort are rewarded teaching others to do the minimal to be considered on the good list. But in actuality you have lowered the standard of basic human honesty and integrity. You have broken the unspoken laws of achievement.

All children, teens and young adults should try the best in everything that they do. We must keep expectations high. Unfortunately, we do not teach this do we as well as we could? Not in schools, not in work or at home. There are some parents who believe that kids soccer should not keep score? Why not? That is taking socialism to a whole other level. Working hard in practice to achieve teaches us to work harder to gain. If everyone is owed a paycheck without effort, then no effort will happen and no task completed to the expectation of the customer. These same kids or young adults as consumers are ultra demanding, yet when they are at work, they do not put forth. This is your basic “ME” attitude and although some psychologists say that is an innate tendency of the species, but is this acceptable?

For a large society working together for the common good we must solve this teen drug dilemma. Surely more and more businesses will be forced to find non-English speaking labor and robotics to accomplish tasks. Yet if the consumers who are demanding services are also the workers at other businesses then no one will work, because the expectation of service is gone out the window and everyone will get lousy service, poor workmanship forcing business to go robotic or close.

Today we observed the results of a recent newspaper want ad for labor and found that of the 20 people replying only 4 showed up for interviews. Three of which had no chance of working for us. One was demanding more pay before showing us even one hour of work. The one we hired lasted until 10 Am saying the work was too hard. Well, I am so sorry, what did you expect? It’s work. The same person complained to us about his apartment costs, pregnant girlfriend and other issues. He was wondering if we could pay him for the rest of the week in advance, truly pathetic. Then we recently fired a guy, which he had three kids with girls in other states and three kids from a previous marriage. He was 21, surely this guy can figure out more than illegitimate gene-pool work. Because let me tell you he didn’t work worth a darn.

The drug issues are serious in nearly every market we operate now, much worse than 10 years ago. Now it is as if 20% of the kids do not have drivers licenses, 30% use drugs often and 10% are out of it, not even good for three work days in a row? I would rather train chimpanzees, some probably speak just about as good of English as those we might replace these kids with. Many times colleges and Universities will have labor available and most heavy drug users wash out of college so you have a better pool, but even so many are spoiled and are not of an ethical nature or even care about completing a project. I wonder how much cheating and palagerism is going on at those colleges. Most of the College kids are good, but also limited to hours of availability. Churches often work for finding good workers and those of a more solid character. For instance the LDS church has an employment person at each stake center. Other local churches in many areas are good, but often cannot fulfill the needed labor requirements. We pay much more than a Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Blockbuster or McDonalds, but with entry level workers Health Insurance is out of the questions since the workers will probably be there less than the 3 months probationary period. Although many employees will be with us for years. But labor is an issue, quality labor and we are doing our part trying to put Americans back to work, but we cannot lead a horse to water so we can only put those to work who are not looking for free fish or a free handout.

This is a real issue and these issues effect every business man, something needs to be done. But even more serious will be these kids when they get older and take those work habits into the future and their health problems. We may see early mid 30’s and 40’s heart attacks. This will significantly drive up costs as those who do drugs do not generally have high paying jobs and will not have the proper coverages to pay for it, so society has to pay. If we fail to fix the problem then we will pay for it in the future 10-fold. We are paying now, if you stop and get to know some of these young people.

We need to continually address this issue, constantly be on guard, monitor our young loved ones and their activities and teach them what this is doing to their bodies, their future and the entire country.

Explore The Changes in UK Employment Tribunal Law

For years, an employee’s choice to bring an issue of employment law before an employment tribunal was totally free of charge, but now this has changed in favour of fixed rates.

Although there’s no doubt that many of these reported cases are fraudulent or at least exaggerated, until now making a claim has not affected employees to any large degree because placing a lawsuit of this nature has always been without financial charge. In such cases the company on the receiving end of the lawsuit would inevitably have to pay thousands of pounds in legal fees regardless of whether the tribunal decides to rule in favour of the plaintiff. Companies on the receiving end of these claims have often chosen to attempt an out of court settlement with the plaintiff simply to avoid the excessive legal bills that result from arranging an employment tribunal.

This has long been an issue that has needed addressing in UK employment law and it was at last reconsidered in July 2013 when the British Government instigated a policy of issuing fees to employees who choose to lodge an employment tribunal claim. This move is clearly intended to deter false claims while helping to reform the tribunal system so that those who make accusations of this kind will contribute some money towards the cost of organisng the employment tribunal. London alone sees thousands of emplyment tribunal cases each year which find millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money being spent on employment tribunal cases that often last for weeks at a time.

The fee to issue a Type A claim has been set at £160. This covers claims being made for redundancy payment and unlawful deductions from employee wages. Type B cases which assess claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination come with a fee of £250. In addition to these fees a hearing fee is also now in effect. This extra charge is taxed at £230 for Type A claims and £950 for Type B claims, although, in some cases it is possible for a plaintiff to be exempt from these charges, namely that the plaintiff must have a disposable capital of more than £3,000, or £16,000 if they are over 61 years old at the time of filing the complaint.

However, if a claimant’s disposable capital falls below these figures the gross monthly income will also be taken into account. Other considerations will be made in regards to the plaintiff’s marital status to ensure the charges issued are fair.

Fighting Traffic Tickets – How to Contest Your Speeding Tickets

Have you ever received a ticket while decelerating after passing a vehicle on the highway?

The province of Quebec issues a staggering amount of traffic tickets to its drivers. In 2008-2009, police issued an average of 825,000 tickets. In 2007 over one million tickets were issued. The majority of tickets and demerit points issued in Quebec are for speeding. Male drivers are more likely to receive traffic fines and make up nearly 73% of all drivers to receive tickets. Some of these drivers may have obviously deserved a ticket, but again, drivers can be caught off guard, accused unfairly and receive an unjustified fine.

In 2008-2009 nearly 10,500 sanctions were imposed for accumulating 15 demerit points. During the same years, nearly 19,000 sanctions were imposed for accumulating 4 demerit points. This can mean losing your driver’s license for 3 to 12 months. In many cases, losing the ability to drive can also mean losing a job. When searching for legal representation make sure your agent/lawyer has an excellent track record for getting traffic fines dismissed or reduced and retaining a clean driving record. Further more, make sure your firm consists of experienced lawyers that appear in court on your behalf and in most cases save you the hassle of appearing in court as well as saving you hundreds of dollars in traffic fines and demerit points.

Should you attend traffic court to contest a ticket? In the majority of cases, you don’t have to. Most clients are looking for a withdrawal of the charge or a plea for a lesser charge. That may often be done without going to Court. In other cases, your representative may have no other choice but to go to trial, in which case your presence will be required.

Demerit points are entered on the record of drivers who commit certain offences under the Highway Safety Code or under a municipal by-law, provincial or federal statute or regulation concerning road safety. Here are some offences:

  • Driving at a speed too great for weather or road conditions – 2
  • Tailgating – 2
  • Accelerating when being passed – 2
  • Passing a bicycle too closely in a travel lane – 2
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians and cyclists at an intersection – 2
  • Failure to yield to oncoming traffic – 2
  • Sudden braking without cause – 2
  • Failure to stop before turning right at a red traffic light (where permitted) -3
  • Failure to wear a seat belt – 3
  • Failure to wear a helmet (motorcycles, mopeds & motorized scooters) – 3

Fortunately your are not alone in the fight to your traffic ticket.  law firm representing clients charged with traffic violations and criminal charges related to driving, who wish to keep their good driving record and low insurance premiums. We provide effective and affordable legal services to all residents and non-residents of the Province of Quebec, Ontario and the state of New York.

Types Of Zoning Laws And How They Affect Your Real Estate Investment

Zoning laws may affect the value of your real estate investment. There are three main zoning area, and these are residential, commercial, and industrial. Residential zoning applies to residences and multi family dwellings, commercial zoning usually applies to businesses, and industrial zoning normally applies to manufacturing shops and plants. Zoning laws will vary from area to area and city to city, so make sure that you know the zoning restrictions on any real estate before you invest.

The purpose of zoning laws is to specify what types of dwellings or businesses may reside in a certain area. Obviously you would not want to see an adult entertainment club next to an elementary school, or a manufacturing plant in the middle of a residential area. Zoning laws group areas of the town or city into specific areas for each type of land use. Zoning laws may change, and a real estate investment that is zoned commercial or residential today may be rezoned for another use in the future.

If you invest in real estate that is rental property, your tenants may cause zoning problems. Tenants who run a business from their home may unknowingly violate zoning laws, so it is very important to have a clause in your lease agreement stating what can and can not be done on your rental premises. Most home based businesses are not a problem, but if the tenant has customers coming to the property, there may be complaints about noise or traffic which can cause problems.

Another way that zoning laws may affect your real estate investment is when zoning is changed from one class to another. If the zoning is changed from residential to another class this can mean a higher property value, which means more value for your investment.. If the class is changed to residential then the property value may drop, causing you to lose money on your investment. Sometimes there is a conditional zoning requirement. One case may be where a residence has existed on a property for years. If the zoning laws change the area from residential to commercial, the city can not force the owner to sell or tear down the residence. But if the home is destroyed in a natural disaster or fire it can not be rebuilt, and only commercial buildings can be built on the land.

It is very important for a real estate investor to know the zoning requirements of any property before they invest. Find out what these laws are and any proposed changes. This can save you a lot of money and aggravation. Make sure that your lease agreement states what activities are allowed and not allowed on the rental premises. Find out what the other properties in the same area as the possible investment are zoned. By being aware of the zoning laws and requirements you will avoid some costly and time consuming mistakes.

Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Family Law Attorney Now

It can be difficult to understand the reasons why people end their marriages, and with a divorce rate in the U.S. of around 50%, it’s impossible to pretend every wedding ends with “happily ever after.” If you or your spouse has already initiated separation proceedings, here are five reasons why you need to hire a family law attorney now.

1. You Need an Objective Party

Personal relationships usually involve a plethora of subjective emotions and intimate details that are of the utmost importance to you and your spouse. If your union is troubled and coming to an end, you need someone who is an outsider in your divorce proceedings and can act as an objective party throughout the process. It is almost guaranteed that you will face complicated issues and emotions; lawyers are specifically trained to handle such cases in a fair and objective manner. This allows you to take a step back and avoid hasty decisions based on fleeting emotions. For instance, you might think it would be easiest to go for the quickest resolution when it comes to dividing property, but an experienced family law attorney can evaluate the circumstances and tell you if you should wait for a more equitable division.

2. You Need Help with Paperwork and Red Tape

Court proceedings almost always involve substantial amounts of paperwork and red tape. A qualified family law attorney will handle the complexities of the paperwork and make sure you keep moving forward toward a resolution.

3. You Have Dependent Children

If you have dependent children, custody issues are often the most challenging part of any marital dissolution. The most important goal is for the parties to agree on the arrangement that best serves the interests of the children. When issues are particularly complex, and the spouses cannot reach a mutual agreement, it is imperative to hire a veteran family law attorney who has dealt with these types of situations.

4. You Are Hoping for an Early Settlement

A lawyer with substantial experience in family matters can help you reach the most favorable settlement agreement as quickly as possible, and as early in the process as possible.

5. You Need Advice on Legal Options

Even if you simply just need advice on your legal options, having a qualified family law attorney can make a huge impact on the outcome. The issues that must be resolved in a marital dissolution include child custody, child support, property division, and spousal support. Many times during the negotiation process, parties use these issues against each other in the hope of achieving a better outcome. If you have a seasoned advisor, from the beginning you will get the right advice on what course of action you should pursue and what steps should be taken to ensure your goals are met.

If a resolution cannot be agreed upon and a trial is required, the right lawyer can aggressively represent your interests in court and work toward getting the most equitable jury verdict on your behalf.