One More Result of the Real Estate Meltdown in California – A Rental Crisis is Coming

The Coachella Valley of Southern California has been hurt tremendously by the real estate and credit crisis meltdown. Now a rental crisis is coming to cities such as Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, Indio, Coachella, Thermal, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms and Salton City which have all seen construction of new homes virtually grind to a halt after years of over-building.

It doesn’t take a Palm Desert real estate lawyer or a Palm Springs Realtor to know there is a rental crisis coming to these cities at the same time as real estate agents find themselves with few homes anyone wants to buy. Just in early October 2008, the area’s biggest Realtor in the valley announced it was closing its doors and letting all of it’s agents go to other real estate agencies. Rental homes in some areas such as Salton Sea, however, are difficult for renters to find.

Just when you thought you had heard enough about the economic crisis, the credit crisis, the real estate crisis, the foreclosure crisis or the construction crisis, add one more as fallout from the others. A rental crisis is coming to cities in California, just as sure as the heat comes to the desert every summer.

The number of households looking to rent is going up every month as foreclosures take away their homes. While homes sit empty either not for rent or at rents higher than these households can afford, the demand for cheap apartments is on the rise.

What makes this a crisis, is that construction of affordable rental property is declining significantly, rents are going up, unemployment is going up, and those who are employed are seeing their real income fall. That, adds up to a crisis.

Have you seen a tent city in your town? You may have one or more, but they simply may not be on the roads you travel.

As rents go higher and renters get poorer, despite the demand for cheap rentals, landlords are likely to be faced with potential renters that either fail credit checks or whose credit scores are far lower than they would like.

Estimates of when the real estate crisis will end are now being extended farther and farther out. When it was estimated that the real estate market in California would not recover until 2009, people thought such estimates were crazy. Now experts are predicting a turn around won’t occur until 2011 and no one is calling these experts crazy anymore.

This situation may have one silver lining. If demand for rental properties continue, and land values continue to decline, this may be the next area of growth for California’s construction industry.

But now, just when you thought you had seen the worst of the real estate crisis, it seems to have become worse again with the stock market crash. Whatever month or year people thought the real estate market would recover, we can probably push that date another six months to a year farther out.

If you have a landlord-tenant, real estate, mortgage or finance issue, our experienced attorneys can serve as your Palm Springs Landlord-Tenant Lawyer or your real estate attorney anywhere in Southern California. We have nearly thirty years of experience and have represented clients from San Diego to Orange County, from Newport Beach and Laguna Beach to San Luis Obispo, from Anaheim and Irvine to Carlsbad and La Jolla, from Ontario to Victorville, and from Temecula and Yorba Linda to Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and throughout the Coachella Valley.

Overview of Family Law Issues of Child Custody, Guardianship and Wills and Successions

The world of family law is very different than just about any other type of legal practice. One of the major differences is that unlike dealing with many of the business related areas in which lawyers practice – family law can get personal. These family attorneys regularly deal with issues such as divorce, child custody and support, unforeseen deaths, wills and successions. These are areas of our lives which invoke strong emotions and are not always easy to deal with.

Child Custody

The issues of child custody and guardianship are a factor of the high divorce rate in America compounded by the number of children born out of wedlock. Family law matters surrounding children involve designating custody, child and spousal support, parental rights, adoption as well as community property negotiation. And when there are kids involved, hopefully all parties can focus on the best interests of the entire family rather than strictly their own self interests.

When it comes to child custody – courts will generally choose one of the following types:

· Temporary custody – this is granted during the divorce or separation proceedings and is usually replaced with a more permanent solution.

· Exclusive custody – This is when one parent gets all of the custody rights to the child and the other parent is excluded.

· Joint custody – refers to when parents are granted some version of equal rights regarding the child’s upbringing. Joint custody is usually reserved for situations where both parents are competent and able to carry about parental duties.

· Third party custody – if both parents are either incapacitated or deemed unfit, the courts can award custody to a third party and may include family members such as uncles, aunts and grandparents.

Guardianship Issues

Another issue facing parents is what to do if you do not have a trustworthy person to leave as a legal guardian or trustee for your children or heirs. When this scenario arises, guardianships can be used as a last resort.

A guardianship refers to a situation where a child or incapacitated adult needs someone to manage their assets. These are usually supervised and assigned through the court system and require extensive legal work to setup and manage, including annual accounting and restrictions as to how money can be used and spent.

Wills & Successions

Wills & successions are often thought of as “estate planning” instruments, but really they should be considered part of family law. Taking the time to plan for unforeseen events is a critical part of ensuring your family is protected and your wishes can be followed, especially if the unimaginable happens. If you want to know how important having even a simple will can be, simply ask anyone who has unexpectedly lost a family member who didn’t have one!

University Criminal Justice Degrees Providing Exciting New Career Opportunities

Criminal justice is a subject of great depth and fervor. The subject deals on different dimensions and is an interesting one to exactly know what threatens the safety and security of a nation and how the legal system of the nation tries to keep the delinquent behavior at check. Considering these points in mind have been introduced the university criminal justice degrees which are being provided both as online and on-campus degrees.

Criminal justice university degrees are provided at associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Each level emphasizes the foundation of the study of criminal justice inculcated inside the individual and prepares the person to go ahead in the field or take up advanced courses to be able to work at the best places of the nation like the FBI or CIA. criminal law provides the wonderful insight to know the legal issues and security concerns in a nation, to learn the science of criminal activities, the nature of criminal behaviors amongst various other options. There are numerous areas of specialization in criminal law which normally includes court administration, legal enforcement system, paralegal studies, cyber crime, cyber security, homeland security, forensic science, forensic psychology and others.

Universities handing out criminal justice degrees are innumerous now, and this has been due to the increasing interest in this field. Many of the universities provide all levels of degrees and that too in different areas of expertise so that the students can really choose from a variety of courses and programs. Lincoln College provides an exclusive degree program called the Study of the Criminal Mind which is very popular amongst students who really intend to learn the uniqueness of the subject. Kaplan University is an amazing university which provides eleven areas of specialty subjects in criminal law and thus is rightly named one of the respected universities of the nation. University of Phoenix is the largest private university of the nation with around 150 campuses around the world and provides a variety of criminal justice degrees. Everest University Online concentrates on enhancing the career prospects of the students and providing educational facilities in criminal law accordingly. Many universities who top the list of the best universities are South University, US Career Institute, American InterContinental University, Portland State University, University of Cincinnati, Keiser University, Herzing University, Saint Leo University, Upper Iowa University, Ashford University and Walden University.

University criminal justice degrees are the best degrees that universities are offering which encourages the citizens of the nation to be well-aware of the practicalities of life and the security concerns of the society.

Using a Power of Attorney For Real Estate Contracts

The use of a Power of Attorney in connection with real estate contracts and be a powerful tool, but care should be taken to avoid potential pitfalls. Here are a few common questions that Arizona real estate lawyers commonly face with regard to the use of the Power of Attorney in the real estate context.

Q. What is a Power of Attorney?

A. A Power of Attorney is simply a signed document that authorizes one person to act on behalf of another. A Power of Attorney is commonly used in Arizona real estate transactions when a party is not available to sign closing documents and wishes to designate another person to sign for them. In such cases, if a Power of Attorney must be used, it should be limited (Referred to as a “Special” or “Limited” Power of Attorney) to the discrete use for which it is intended. In most cases, an Arizona real estate lawyer should be consulted to make sure the Power of Attorney serves only the purpose it was intended for.

Q. Who are the parties to a Power of Attorney?

A. The parties are the principal (who grants the power) and the agent or attorney-in-fact (who gets the power).

Q. What is the scope of the given power?

A. This depends on what the document says. In most cases the principal should avoid a “General” Power of Attorney, which allows the agent to do anything the principal has the power to do. A Special or Limited Power of Attorney (described above), on the other hand, will allow the agent to do only what the principal requires to get the job done.

Q. How long does a Power of Attorney last?

A. Again, this can be controlled by what is stated in the document. If the written document does not specify an expiration date or event, the document generally remains in effect until it is revoked or until the principal dies or becomes incapacitated or incompetent. In most cases, an expiration date should be included in the document because even after a Power of Attorney is revoked it remains effective with regard to third parties who don’t know it has been revoked.

Q. What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

A. In some cases the principal wants the Power of Attorney to survive his or her disability. In such cases a Durable Power of Attorney is used to avoid the automatic revocation of the Power of Attorney upon the principal’s incapacitation or incompetence.

Q. Are there any special requirements for a Power of Attorney in Arizona?

A. Yes. In most cases the Power of Attorney must be signed by a witnesses not related to the principal and must also be notarized. Also, if the agent is to receive any compensation, this must be spelled out and separately initialed by the principal and witness. There are other requirements and harsh penalties, including possible criminal repercussions, so its a good idea to have an Arizona real estate lawyer help.

Q. How should the agent sign a document on behalf of the principal?

A. The agent should sign the principal’s name “by _____ (Agent) as his attorney-in-fact.”

As suggested above, you should be very careful before granting a Power of Attorney to someone else, or before agreeing to act on behalf of someone as their agent. Its always a good idea to seek legal counsel from an experience Arizona real estate lawyer before doing so.

A Family Law Specialist Can Help Protect Your Rights

Many relationships are involved in family law, which can include interactions between wife and husband, children and parents, and even domestic partners. Although these relationships are of a personal nature, there are laws in place that govern the boundaries of personal relationships and provide necessary legal intervention. Many issues that arise from adoption, domestic violence, and divorce situations call for individuals to hire a professional and experienced family law attorney to protect their rights.

It can be extremely frustrating, hurtful, and stressful to have to deal with a legal matter that involves your family member. The outcome can significantly affect you both financially and personally. If you have a knowledgeable attorney handling your case, they can provide you with the support and advice you need during this difficult time in your life. If your family law matter has to do with a domestic violence or divorce situation, a competent lawyer can provide you with the compassion and sensitivity needed to handle your case. Many of these cases involve grandparent rights, father rights, paternity issues, guardianships, and visitation rights. Your attorney will be able to provide you with the legal support you need to protect your rights.

Family law issues are usually stressful and emotionally charged. For this reason, you need professional and experienced counsel that is able to deal with delicate matters. If you attempt to handle your case on your own, it could result in you becoming even more stressed due to an unfavorable outcome. If you hire a strong and encouraging attorney, you get the assurance of competent legal representation and receive an emotional benefit at the same time. Your attorney will alleviate the stress of handling your case on your own and allow you to focus on moving ahead in your life.

You can receive the support and personal attention you need when you allow a family law attorney to alleviate the anger, helplessness, and frustration you have felt because of your case. You can call and schedule a consultation so you can discuss your case with the attorney and find out about your options and rights regarding your divorce, adoption issue, custody dispute, or other domestic situation. Hiring this lawyer will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your case. Through the information gathered on your consultation, and additional investigation, your attorney will be able to formulate a legal strategy that will represent your interest so you have a better chance of achieving your goals.

The Benefits Of Using A Reputable Criminal Lawyer

Members of the public are ensured of representation legally by the CDS (criminal defense service). This is if they have been charged with committing a serious crime. This facilitates the process of smooth and fair running of the legal system in court. It also keeps an eye on the police force to see they operate in the interests of the public. A Las Vegas criminal lawyer is the solution if you run into trouble with the police.

The LSC is responsible for overseeing the criminal defense service. This is done with the cooperation of certain representatives and Las Vegas criminal defense. A lawyer will be available to offer advice on all matters pertaining to criminal law. He or she will dispense legal advice at the police station. He also offers representation at court. This is at every level of court. Free advice is also available for matters at the magistrates court.

A criminal defense attorney represents the accused in court. Public defenders do this as they are often appointed by the federal government to do just that. People who wish to study law are able to study online and to get qualified. This happens by studying through an online accredited college. Once the course is passed, the student will have the right to practice law.

Often these legal people can gain fame because of the people they represent in court. They may represent a high profile celebrity and this gives them a lot of marketing mileage. Many ways are available to members of the public to find a good defense lawyer. Adverts in the paper will give one many options. The lawyers will often advertise here. This also ensures that the lawyer is accessible, as he must work in the area in which he advertises.

Going online will yield even more results. Searching on the Internet will give millions of results for criminal attorneys. Entering the zip code in the search bar will give results for an attorney in the area that the attorney is needed. No matter what the charge is, this kind of representation will be immensely valuable. Even if the attorney does not go right through with the entire matter, the accused will have a much better understanding of processes that are involved.

Where the charge is of a serious matter, there will always be an attorney required. He or she will be able to note all pretrial matters. Motions can be instituted and this will aid the case of the accused in no small way. He or she will attempt to have charges dismissed or at the very least reduced. All of this experience goes a long way to try keeping the accused out of jail.

People who are in the legal game would be best placed to refer a good lawyer. Friends or family members may work in this arena and this would be a good starting point. It might be that the practice does not practice criminal law. They may still have good contacts in the criminal law field. They would then be able to refer a competent lawyer that deals with criminal matters.

Costs of this type of work can vary in a big way. The location of the trial and the seriousness of the charge play an important role here. Las Vegas criminal lawyers are no different in this regard and could well be a trifle more expensive.