How best to divide real estate during divorce

Navigating the painful realities and legalities of divorce proceedings and separations can be a long exhausting process that a lot of people experiencing it have never gone through before. There are so many different fields and matters to get through, all of which can take years before the motion to divorce is officially recognized by the courts. This is a very brutal process and it can be murky and underhanded to experience for the first time. Dividing up the land and property can be a difficult situation that at the time could feel near impossible to do responsibly and reasonably. While it is a sad time that many people have gone through, that does mean there is to advice and tips available to divorcing couples who are about to embark on divorce mediations.

There are several factors to be considered when it comes to dividing real estate between ex-partners. It is a long and arduous process that is often superseded by drama and anger. It is best to look into these different factors extensively before anyone starts to actually divide the physical property. There are so many factors when it comes to real estate division proceedings because there are actually no set laws or regulations regarding real estate division during divorce. These factors (considered by the solicitors and courts) include; the value of the property in question, income of those involved, age, financial resources, duration of the marriage, contribution of the person to the family, welfare of children and others such as the value of benefit to each spouse.

Sometimes, divorcing couples are civil and it will be a simple case of selling up the property and equally dividing the money and benefits from the sale. However, this is mostly if there are children involved or if the marriage was not that long. But there are many extenuating circumstances that require real estate division guidelines to be adjusted accordingly. This can be due to any one thing, such as one half of the couple bringing more money into the relationship or if they already had another home at the beginning of the marriage. Then things will be adjusted to make the split of the real estate even and fair to both parties.

If it is possible, try to avoid taking the split of property to court. This could stretch out the proceedings and make things harder and more painful. If it is doable, exhaust every outside option of divorce mediation before considering the court. Court takes away all control and is costly. Manage any finances with what is called a divorce calculator; this will give people a good idea of what they are owed before they enter into settlements. After that, it is important to decide what is going to happen with the property; the couple needs to decide whether they want to sell the property or whether one of them wants to stay in the house. Follow the steps and the division will be easier.

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