Child Support Attorneys-What Do They Do?

A child support attorney is committed to ensuring that minors are protected when their parents separate or divorce. The lawyer is in charge of preparing the paperwork that involves guardianship and custody of the children involved. It is the job of the attorney to see that all parties are fairly represented, and that the best interest of the children is protected.

The child support attorney may work with the court system and groups that are dedicated to child advocacy to collect money for child support. The lawyer also works with the divorcing couple to come up with custody arrangements. For instance, the attorney may work with both parents to determine which parent will be the custodial parent. Some parents also choose to share equal custody. If one parent is keeping the child most of the time, the other parent is often awarded visitation, and there are rights and terms associated with this that both parents should be aware of.

A child support attorney can work independently in a private practice or be part of an attorney group that specializes in family law. If a child support lawyer works in a group, divorcing couples may want to enlist the services of the entire law group. There are several legal processes that come with divorce, so couples may find it useful to get a divorce lawyer who will facilitate the separation of the two parents in the most expedient way. There will likely be attorneys in the group that can also validate estate settlements and make sure that the wills of both parents are clearly defined for the benefit of the child.

If there are paternity issues, a child support lawyer can help with this as well. It is necessary to determine the paternity of a child if child support is in question. Once the father of the child is revealed through a DNA test, the father will be legally obligated to pay child support if the two parents conclude that the mother will be the custodial parent. It may also be best to utilize the services of a child support attorney on issues of adoption or surrogacy. The lawyer will decide who is responsible for caring for the child. If a minor (a child under the age of 18) wants to be emancipated from his/her parents, the lawyer will take a detailed look at the case to determine whether the child should be independent.

Child support lawyers can support one or both parents. Children are not present during the proceedings in most cases. However, there are times when the attorney will call in advocates who specialize in communicating with children to explain the terms of custody.

Finding the right child support lawyer is often a matter of getting referrals from other clients. Couples who need a child support attorney may also search for local attorneys who specialize in the services they need. Interviewing the lawyers to ensure that their credentials are legitimate and their professionalism is high-quality can help to make divorce and custody arrangements as expedient as possible.

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