Procedure to get the marriage and child birth certificate attested in UAE

It is really important for everybody to get their birth certificates because this is what shows you have really been born. So, every person should get their birth certificates on time.

The main thing about the birth certificates is that it shows and identifies the birth of the person. Not just the birth but also the name, place and the time of the birth if the child.

Why is attesting the child birth certificate necessary?

The answer to this question is quite simple. attesting the child birth certificate is necessary because this is the only thing that will show if the certificate is genuine or not. There are so many people that can easily duplicate the birth certificates or can make false birth certificates. To avoid such things, people should attest their birth certificates so that it can be shown that the birth certificate is genuine and is not false at all.

There are so many people who lie about the age of their children. So, if there would be childbirth certificates, people would not be able to lie about the child in any way. it is also needed badly when the people have to admit their children in foreign schools. There are so many uses of the birth certificates in different legal matters as well.

There are different attestation services in Dubai. All of these services are provided to the people in the state-of-the-art way. so, there is nothing to worry about the services that are being offered. In case of UAE, the birth certificate of the child is to be attested from Home Department / MEA / UAE Embassy and from the Foreign Affair department from UAE. This is the best way which ensures that the certificate is genuine because these are the best resources from which the certificate of the child has been attested. Click here to find all procedure and details.

Marriage certificates

Just like the childbirth certificates, the marriage certificates are important as well. they are equally important because they tell the people if a particular couple is married or not. The marriage certificate has the name and the date of both of the spouses. It has so much more written in it which makes it really important.

If someone is married, how will the government as well as other people come to know that they are married or not? For this purpose, the marriage certificates are made.

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Attesting the marriage certificates is equally important as that of the child birth certificates. Attesting it will tell you if it is genuine or not. Proper organizations do the certificate attestation in UAE.


The people who provide the attestation services in UAE will help you in attesting the certificates from different organizations of the country. they will use their resources in attesting the certificates so that nobody can doubt the certificate.

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They will verify the certificates from the notary public. They will send the documents to the embassy for attestation. All the organizations that attest the documents will attest them and you will not have to do anything about it. All your documents will get verified without creating any problem for you. such organizations that provide these services are doing a remarkable job.

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