Regretting That Timeshare You Bought in Spain?

There Are Ways Out, But Get the Right Support

Spanish timeshares do not have the best reputation, and once drawn in, buyers can feel it is difficult to exit.

There was a period when timeshares in Spain were all the rage. The glossy brochures and even smoother sales staff promised an oasis of sun and sea that you could visit regularly to essentially be guaranteed multiple holidays per year at an affordable price.

Even today, that sounds like a compelling idea, and it is little surprise that so many people decide to put pen to paper and seal the deal. After doing so, however, a large proportion find their timeshare dream was not quite as they expected. Hidden extra costs are a common problem as well as restricted access to the property, or finding that it is not as described. All these are factors that might lead a buyer to seek timeshare compensation, but that is not always as easy as it sounds.

Can you sell it on?

The first, and most logical question you might ask if you have bought something and you no longer want it is whether you can simply sell it on. That might be a possibility if you have had years of enjoyment out of your timeshare and now want to do something different, but it is a different matter if you feel you have been ripped off.

The last thing most of us want to do is simply palm off a problem onto someone else, and even if we had zero conscience, most of us are not the sort of slick salespeople who could convincingly sell a dodgy timeshare.

On top of all that, there are many timeshares that have little resale value. For example, if you can only visit in the low season or the timeshare is at a less popular resort, why would anyone want to take on the maintenance costs?

Can you claim for mis-selling?

Of course, if your timeshare falls into that final category, you might wonder what possessed you to buy it in the first place. Chances are, the answer is that you were under the impression you were getting something much better. According to the dictionary definition, that sounds very much like you were mis-sold your timeshare, in which case you might be able to claim compensation.

The problem you face here is that while timeshare compensation claims can be successful, the whole area is a complex one, and success depends on a number of different factors, including the wording of the contract, the jurisdiction and how long ago you entered into it, to name just three.

It is essential to get sound legal advice on whether a compensation claim has a realistic prospect of success, but even here, the potential claimant has to tread very carefully. Recently, there have been a number of fly by night companies advertising on TV or online and offering guaranteed success, when all they do is take an upfront fee and leave the timeshare owner in an even worse position.

It is essential to seek out a reputable company that will actually be able to help and not add to your problems, so choose a legal firm with experience in timeshare claims. If they are genuine, they will be happy to offer a free and no-obligation initial assessment, and will not expect you to pay any fees unless they have established that your claim has a realistic prospect of success.  

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